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What do You Get for $14.95/month*- 56k Modem Unlimited dialup access throughout Mass, Fixed 10:1 user:modem ratio, Blazing fast connectivity to the net through multiple T3's, e-Mail, News, AND a price that can't be beat! Hook up with us, TODAY, and get out on the net at blazing speeds!If you received this offer we have toll free access #s serving your town. Call today 
781-648-8888 or visit
*Regular 19.99x3=60.97/4mo=14.99
is run by a group of telecom pro's who are tired of over priced dialup access.We purchase service from the IP transit whole- salers OEM.NET, UUnet, and Global Naps.We have offered high quality dial-service since September 1997. We supply your choiceof browers and Email programs.